People management & motivation

It’s often said that businesses fail for one of two reasons—they lack either the cash, or the talent. Our skill and expertise lies on the ‘talent’ side of that equation. We are experts in knowing what works when it comes to people and it’s rare we find a ‘people scenario’ that we haven’t come across before.

How we do it

Identifying people performance gaps: We analyse the competency level of key staff using a range of diagnostic tools, face-to-face interviews and focus groups. Our results are presented in a confidential report with recommendations and are supported by a face-to-face discussion with the Chief Executive or HR Director, where we can go into more depth.

Assessing employee engagement and workplace sentiment: Our Good Work Survey allows clients to gain valuable feedback from their employees. Research-based and focused on the five big factors of working life associated with engagement and wellbeing, the Good Work Survey is used on an annual basis by several of our clients to measure trends in workplace sentiment. We have bespoke versions for employee-owned and educational organisations and are happy to discuss new versions designed around the needs of other sectors.

Succession planning: To support objective and demonstrably fair discussions we use simple models and diagnostic tools to give a view of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Performance management: We work with clients to co-develop light-touch, focused, methods of discussing performance on a regular and cringe-free basis with their employees.

Working with McCormick allowed us to immediately highlight the key issues and gave us the confidence to know we were on the right path to change.