Organisational analysis

While organisations are focused on bottom-line growth their organisational structure can get out of kilter. We help scaling clients to ensure they are organised in the most efficient way, then help them communicate the rationale to staff.

How we do it

Structure, systems and process reviews: To reduce levels of inefficiency and frustration, we help our clients think through their processes, discover the critical ‘touch points’ between people and identify where change is needed.

Align structure and roles to strategy: To make sure things don’t get chaotic and to avoid confusion about who’s doing what (because sometimes in the early days of growth team members have to fill several disparate roles), we help our clients design a workable reporting structure to look after their people.

Our manufacturing business is growing fast. We needed help to develop a clear strategic plan covering people, systems and resources to realise the growth potential. Working with McCormick allowed us to immediately highlight the key issues and gave us the confidence to know we were on the right path to change.