Leadership selection & development

It takes a different level of skill to run a company with 100+ employees than it does a company with 10. Sometimes a manager who’s helped the company reach its current size may not have the skills or motivation to take it to the next level. It’s the responsibility of leadership to develop and recruit the right calibre of people for the job in hand.

How we do it

Leadership and management skills audits: We’re experts in assessing leadership competencies and helping clients to develop individual leaders and leadership teams.

Bespoke leadership development solutions: We work with clients to co-create development programmes for their senior leadership teams. These normally run over a number of months and are designed to have a double benefit: personal and team development takes place while the team works on organisational issues in real time.

Leadership Selection & Departure: We offer support to ensure that a robust selection process is in place when new leaders are hired and we offer a range of diagnostic tools to support the process. We can also advise on how to manage the conversations that need to take place when it’s time for a leader to move on.

Coaching and mentoring: A number of our clients benefit from a short injection of executive coaching or mentoring. We often structure this activity around the results from a diagnostic tool.

Our team has developed rapidly through our association with McCormick.

I’ve been working with McCormick for the last three years and found the strategy
coaching to be invaluable…. this has really helped me to sharpen and focus my work much more effectively and made my role hugely more productive.