Strategy support & board advisory

As a trusted, third party we help leadership teams caught up in the day-to-day running of a company to take a step back pin-point the key issues and find a way to move forward.

How we do it

Strategy development and communication: We prompt our clients to move away from aspirational ideas and gut-sense steering and focus on a small number of core strategic imperatives. Then we help them create a practical, workable plan to resource and deliver them.

Critical board discussions: We act as a sounding board and critical friend for CEOs and MDs to help them gain clarity on the challenges and choices they’re facing, iron out any wrinkles in their thinking and work out how best to position their plans with stakeholders.

Conflict resolution: Our consultants investigate complex or sensitive matters for companies and provide a clearly written, confidential report on their findings.

'McCormick was a great help to us in our annual strategy review.'