‘New Normal’ Survey

Support your decision making with our ‘New Normal’ Pulse Survey

McCormick Consultants Ltd have teamed up with our colleagues at Smithfield Performance (specialists in people metrics and measurement) to offer a pulse survey to employers.

When lockdown started in March, many employers did a great job of quickly re-organising things to keep staff safe and to adjust their business model.

As we come back out of lockdown the decision-making is more complicated and many employees have mixed feelings about:

    • returning to their normal place of work
    • the viability of social distancing when at work
    • resuming travel by public transport

In addition, some employees are concerned about the need to maintain home-schooling and how they can continue to shield vulnerable relatives.

However, employees can also see some upsides and potentially more efficient ways of working.

Our pulse survey looks at 5 key areas:

    • The strength of people’s connections to colleagues throughout lockdown
    • How well, or otherwise they’ve coped with the technology
    • Their personal well-being, after several weeks of self-isolation at home
    • The impact lockdown has had on their work-life balance
    • Their feelings and concerns about the ‘new normal’ that we’re emerging into

Our survey has some big benefits:

It’s anonymous. Handled by an independent 3rd party, you get GDPR-compliant, anonymous data. Anonymity tends to increase both response rates and candour.

It’s fast. You need data now, not in 6 months. We can turn surveys around very quickly, giving you data that is both reliable and real-time.

It’s flexible. Our survey includes a number of free text questions, so you’ll get both qualitative and quantitative data in your report. You can also compose your own questions for us to include – for example, if you want to know about a specific topic that’s unique to your environment.

You can build on it. You can use the survey results to support virtual ‘town hall’ meetings, focus groups, discussion forums, etc., so that you engage in meaningful conversations and build great two-way communication with staff.

It’s cost effective. Much less expensive than a full-blown engagement survey, the data that you receive from our pulse survey can quickly pay dividends as it informs decision making at a critical time and allows you to avoid making expensive miscalculations

Want to know more?
Time is of the essence as lockdown begins to ease, so if you’d like to know more, or discuss your specific requirements, please email Lis direct at