Myth of the Month Nov ’19

‘What got us here will get us there’

Most companies have aspirations to grow and develop. We certainly do.

However too many companies believe they’ll be able to achieve this by doing more of the same. We’ve been a bit guilty of that; we’ve chosen to fall for the old chestnut that ‘if we just work a little bit harder …’


As the world becomes more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) ‘more of the same’ won’t work.

As a company, we’ve decided that we can’t preach this to clients if we don’t practise it in house. So this month we’ve done some things that are different and will change the way we do business.

We’ve taken on a new member of the team who’s a couple of decades younger than the rest of us… that will change the way we think.

We’ve automated our book-keeping. That will save several hours each month to work on income-generating activities; it’ll change our processes and make us more efficient.

This month we’ll also launch our new website, giving us a much more accurate ‘shop window’ and lending support to our marketing efforts. It’ll clarify what we do.

Here’s the challenge.

What are you doing differently this month?

Might be large; might be small. But more of the same shouldn’t be an option.