Working with Resurgo

We’re a values-driven bunch at McCormick so it’s important to us to put something back into society.

All our consultants do pro bono or cost-price work for the causes they feel passionate about, but as an organisation we also have a written commitment to donate 5% of our gross turnover to Resurgo each year which is used to support their Spear Programme..

Resurgo’s Spear Programme helps young people facing disadvantage into work or education. Resurgo believe that young people have huge potential and we agree! The Spear Programme helps to change what young people facing disadvantage believe about themselves by equipping them with confidence, motivation and the vital skills they need to succeed in long-term employment.

What goes around comes around. It’s great to work with successful people – those who are leading the organisations that are the backbone of the UK’s prosperity – but it’s equally great to invest in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders – especially those that don’t seem to start life on a level playing field.

If you’d like to know more about Resurgo/Spear, check their website

We are hugely grateful to the McCormick for their ongoing generous support of Resurgo’s flagship initiative, the Spear programme. Their partnership directly impacts the lives of young people facing serious social challenges, helping them into and to sustain employment. We believe involving the business community in our mission to transform society together is crucial to mobilising a wider movement for social change and would love to connect if your organisation is interested in this too.