Core values

We are listeners

It’s stating the obvious, but we can only offer clients good solutions if we really get their context. So we take our time digging around under the bonnet, asking the hard questions, and challenging assumptions. We’re genuinely curious, paying careful attention to the sub-text, and probing to uncover anything that’s not being said. It’s a respectful approach, which pays dividends in the long run by allowing us to offer our clients sound insights and tailored suggestions.

We are catalysts

Our critical thinking approach offers a structured process to help our clients get to clarity. With the gentlest of nudges to the tiller, we’re encouraging them to streamline and sharpen their decision-making. By blending support with challenge we’re stimulating objective thinking and helping leadership teams to identify what is important and achievable.

We are pragmatic

We run a mile from formulaic approaches and theoretical solutions and we view the one-size-fits-all approach with disdain. We believe that each client has different needs, and we’ll work hard to understand their context. Focusing on people, process and profit we help our clients to implement sustainable strategies and processes that are simple, but fit for purpose.

We are pathfinders

Working alongside our clients we’re probing for reality using robust, gold standard, diagnostic tools. Always hard-headed and clear-eyed, we keep the main thing the main thing and work through complex challenges in a structured way. Essentially we’re offering insight and practical, engaging methods to help our clients navigate their organisational journey.

We are generous

In practice that means we don’t start clocking the minutes when we pick up the phone, we’re more than happy to chew over an issue with clients for half an hour if it helps. We also freely share articles, reports and research from our extensive knowledge library.

But most importantly, every year we give 5% of our gross turnover to the charity Resurgo to help fund their award-winning Spear Programme for unemployed 16–24 year olds. So, in the same way that we help clients to take the next step on their organisational journey, we support Resurgo to help unemployed young people facing disadvantage to move forward into sustained employment or education.