One of our favourite things about doing what we do is that we get to work with companies across a broad range of sectors.

We get to work with clients in heavy engineering where we need to wear ear-defenders to get from one part of the building to another, in electrical assembly where the work is so delicate that it has to be done under magnifiers.

We get to work in funky digital & design agencies where a company dog in the office is as obligatory as a mini-scooter for getting around and in biotech companies with secure clean-room environments that we have to wear protective clothing to enter.

And in universities and research institutes and professional services organisations …

The companies we work with are at different stages of development too. We work with start-ups that are still in a pre-production research phase through to companies that have a 200+ year heritage.

All of this keeps us sharp. It’s taught us to be mindful of each client organisation’s culture and context. More than anything else, it’s taught us that the tools we use, the options we suggest and the solutions we offer must all be tailored to meet the client’s size, stage and sector.

Working hard to deliver workable, bespoke, solutions is what sets us apart.

It’s also what makes our work such fun.

As a creative business it can be hard for an external consultant to come in and dovetail with a business culture like ours. Lis and her team managed to take this in their stride, asking the hard questions to get to the hub of our challenges and provide robust solutions to effect change in our business.